Dear sisters,

No, I am not a widow, but I"ve been hearing of a lot of Godly fathers dying lately and, I have to admit I had been going to the Lord about this very thing. My reason, though, was fear. For years, I had been afraid that something would happen to my dear husband, and that I would have to be alone, raise little ones alone, raise teens alone, marry them off was debilitating fear. I HAD to be with Jim anywhere, and everywhere he went. I literally thought "If he's going to die, I'm going with him! I won't be left here alone!" If he was 1/2 hour late, I was in a panic. Worse, yet, was that no one else seemed to think that was a problem! No one was ever very compassionate to me about this at all! Sisters, I'd be in tears, almost hysterical, worrying about my husband!

It's sort of funny-sad looking back now, it's always been MY health that's been questionable! There even were two near death experiences that I had, in which Jesus told me that I was to go back and help Jim raise the children. So, if I was to be here to help Jim, wouldn't Jesus let him be here for me?

Other aspects of the fear: I have no skills to support my family if I were to be a widow. I have no extended family to have to take care of us. I have no father available to give me counsel. ALONE!

Ok, I've set the stage adequately....though I could go on and on, I really was a mess.

Then, the Lord started asking me about this one thing that I greatly feared! Here are the thoughts that have come out of it, and if anyone is struggling with similar fears, I pray that it will turn your heart toward God, and fill you with 2Tim 1:7 (KJS) For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.