A Wake-up call for Christians

(God speaking)
I’ve said that I am coming back,
But my children want to take a nap!
This will be life as usual
until I build New Jerusalem

My people need to follow me,
and open eyes and learn to speak.
There is no grace that wipes away
Evil embraced day by day.
There’s no forgiveness in the land
when all are silent to a man.
The gates of hell are open wide
and even Christians play inside.

This is the end result of sin,
But I call and plead to enter in!
To turn around, reject this place,
and set your gaze upon My face.

I hear the cries, I feel the pain
My purpose here is not in vain.
Mankind has chosen hate o’er love
Rejects the things from up above.

The end of sin is death, you see
and man has a will, of course, that’s free.
Without the grace of God within
No one will ever conquer sin.

The war is not on man alone -
For everyone is before my throne.
Your choices come from in your heart,
the fruit if it is but a part
of ripples that go down through time
effecting all the younger minds.

You’ve kicked me out of everything
And now you cry to me as King?
You didn’t let me heal the land
and now some blame this on My hand?

This doesn’t happen when I reign
But sin will bring it on, again.
I’m there to comfort and console
But I want to make the whole world whole!
To clean the hearts of death’s debris -
To make the sin filled captive free.

As long as there is sin within
Evil will continue then.
I cry out to the human race
to fall on my Amazing Grace.

(c) 2001 M. Christine Wildman (9/16/2001)

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