God Cries "Enter In"

Reaching out through time and space
Unleashing His Amazing Grace,
The God of Jacob does arise
To do a work before our eyes.

He's conquered death, no more a sting,
Transformed our lives, we now can sing -
"Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound"
It's pure and simple, yet profound.

The God Who lives in you and me
Requires our prayers to set us free.
If we but ask in humble faith,
He will pour out amazing grace.

A God so holy and so pure
Desires to save this wicked world.
And all He needs is hands and knees
to come before the blood stained tree,
To lift up voice in unity
To cry to Him:"Set Captives Free!"

No hell or demon can withstand
the power of a praying man.
God's hand will move by His decree
When Christians pray "Lord, set them free."

When Daniel prayed, there was a fight -
But steady prayers sent hell to flight.
The faith of man, by God's own grace
Can transcend time and even space.
As one dear child does seek His face
In his own special quiet place.

So join together, raise those hands,
Let's enter in the promised land,
Where enemy has no more power,
We walk in God's victorious hour!

We'll set the captives free and then
We'll teach them all to enter in.
Onward soldiers of the cross -
The time is short, let's count the cost.

If one soul lies in fetters - chains
Will you embrace them in their pain?
The prayer of one can break the chains,
The prayer of two can end their pain,
And three can make them whole again -
and by My hand, they'll enter in!

Unite my children, sing My praise,
Usher in the end of days.
I'll descend in glory, and I'll shout!
Be looking up, and not about -
The moment is quite close at hand
I will come forth and claim this land.

The cries of children, the tears of eyes
The suffering saints who sacrificed,
The pain shall soon come to an end,
as with a shout, I will descend.

My faithful few with me shall rise
And dwell with me up in the skies.
I have prepared a place for you,
My precious bride, holy and true.

Enter In!

MCW 8/23/01

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