Received July 13 & 14, 2001
This was given to me, in the spirit of prophecy over two days.
On July 16, I searched through scriptures, as a Berean, to prove the spirit.
This is the word. A Bible study is also available.

What do you think about when I say "Mother"?
What do you think about when I say "Father"?
Do you see their face?
Do you hear their voice?
Does a warm feeling come over your heart?
Do you know their name?

BUT do you KNOW ME?
I long to be a Father to the fatherless,
I long to hold you in my arms.
My little children...
What do you think of when someone says "Our Father"?
Do you see My face?
Do you know My name?

I AM the Our Father.
I AM the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
I AM worthy of praise, glory and Honor.
I AM the judge of all the earth
I AM creator of the new birth.
I judge sin,
but in Me, my children win.
I AM the Our Father
I AM forever more
I AM the Almighty
I AM the open door

Do you see my face,
full of grace?
Do you hear My voice
in your ears? It's a choice.

My little children
I have called you by my name,
do you know it?
I have spoken to you by my voice,
do you hear it?
There is no reason to fear,
when you nestled up to Me,
and near.
If you know My name,
and you hold My hand,
nothing can hurt you,
nothing, not a hand.

My little children,
you're my sheep if you know my name,
I AM a shepherd, I have nothing but gain.
You are my sheep, If you know my voice,
all you must do is follow Me by choice.

My little children,
My name is mighty
in My name you are saved.
By the name of Jesus
you are delivered from sin,
and by the name of Jesus you can enter in
you can enter in to the name of sanctification
by the name of Jesus you can
enter into my glorification.
In the name of Jesus
you will be healed.
In the name of Jesus
and the Holy Spirit power
you will be sealed.

My little children
take off the names of darkness
put them far, far away,
and put up tall the name of Light
and you'll never even sway!
For My name is a strong tower
by My name you are safe
by My name I give you peace and righteousness
by My name
by My name you can enter in to the holy place

Take My name
of Peace, Counselor, Saviour, Friend,
and see Me as the tower that the righteous run in.
When the enemy brings his banners up high,
turn and look, for your deliverance draws nigh!

When my children turn and draw near to my name,
they will hear Me whisper and call them by name.
As you run into my tower and name,
you enter in to the presence of the King.
In my throne room no evil shall stand,
nothing can hurt you,
no nothing can stand.

If you will dwell in My secret place,
I will cover you and you'll see my face.
All the things that attack you will fade,
and you, My child, will rest in My grace.

If you come in to My presence, My dear,
I and My Son, and the Spirit draw near.
And We will surround you will a circle of love
with glory untold, pouring out from above.

If in Me you will live, and move and have your being,
you will never know doubt
and you will definitely be seeing:
you will see Me as God that delivers his children
you will see Me as Father that loves all his sons
you will see Me as comforter who cares for the wounded
you will see Me as God as I care for my lost.

There's a way to stand against the coming destruction,
the enemy at hand has forces untold,
but I in my power have won before creation,
and I AM more powerful than one can behold.

If you run to My name,
in My fortress you'll be safe,
and you will be covered
by My blood and My infinite grace.

But do you know Me?
Do you know Me?
Like your mother and father?
Do you hear My voice
like your sister and brother?
Do you know Me so well
that no other can pull you?
My child, you need but to listen
for I'm speaking to you.

My voice is a still, gentle breeze,
it's like a river that trickles under the trees.
My voice is like sunshine coming down from above
with a cool gentle breeze covering you with love.

Do you know that voice,
Oh little child of mine?
Oh little child -
the voice of the divine?
If you don't hear My voice,
If you don't know My name,
how will you know when I come again?
How will you know
when I let out a shout?
How will you know that it's Me it's about?
If you don't know My name,
how can you find Me?
If you don't know My name
how can you call Me?
If you can't hear My voice,
how can you listen?
My little children it's a choice,
and time is now to begin.

Early I await you, for the times you come to Me,
In the still of evening, I await, just to see.
I have much to share with you,
about your life and future.
I would speak to you and comfort you
and hold you, and give you nurture.
I would that you would crawl on my lap like a mother
and put your head on my chest, and love Me as no other.

But My children
you first must seek my face,
and then you must know my immeasurable grace,
and then you are sheep, you are sheep in deed,
and my voice will speak, clear and free.

Then I ask you, have you said "no?"
When I have talked to you, did you say no?
When I AM waiting, have you told Me to go?
When I have given direction, have you said, NO?

My word is written,
is true and it's strong.
I will not counter My word
not at all.
If you cannot see My face in the glass,
and you cannot hear My voice as pages pass,
then are you really seeking Me?
Or do you have some other 'destiny'?

My sheep know My voice,
and they follow Me
they learn by the milk that is spoken of Me
the meat of My word comes from spirit to spirit
do you see it? Do you see Me?
Do you desire to be in it?

When a child has a parent that is far, far away,
the parent writes love letters every day.
The child may not know what the parent is like,
except that they read the letter each night.
When that parent calls on the phone
the child knows the voice, and that voice all alone.
But when the day comes, when they meet face to face,
the child knows the parent across all time and space.
For the child has spent time with the words that were written
and the child, on the phone, has completely been listening.
I have a word that has been written for you
I have a phone line that's open, too!
I will speak to you
in My word, and in prayer
if you 'll only turn your heart
and come listen to Me there.

My name is a tower.
The strong can come in,
the strong who are mighty and free from all sin.
In My name you are holy,
in My name, you are whole,
in My name you have peace,
in My name you shall go!

I have not left you alone to despair,
you have My love, and My name, and My care.
I prepared a way for you to go,
it is up to you to say yes or say no.

If you seek Me, you will find Me, I AM there
I will show myself to you
and I will take up every care.
There is nothing to fear
when you are wrapped up in Me,
I care for my own
and nothing can take them from Me.

Do not fear for the coming destruction,
for the shepherd will hold
his sheep in his hand
and bring them in to divine protection.

But you must know Me,
recognize my name.
You must seek Me
only Me,
my voice,
and my name.

In Me you will find all the answers you need.
in Me you will have everything, just believe.

It may not look pretty,
It's not of this world,
for I'm away to prepare a place
that is out of this world!
This here is but shadows and smoke
this here is just like a cloak.
For sin entered in, the world has been dying
nothing here is glorifying!
But I've prepared a place for my children
who know my voice and my name
and choose to enter in.

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